Ee Cuisine @ Eastin Hotel

November 6, 2009

With the season for Shanghai hairy crabs upon us again (time flies!), we headed to Ee Cuisine for our annual fix of these scrumptious crustaceans.

Almost too adorable to eat! But when has that ever stopped us?

As good as ever: large amounts of creamy, flavourful roe, combined with the sweetest of freshwater flesh.

Double-boiled shark bone soup with fish maw. Too much pepper and too few actual ingredients resulted in an unsatisfying soup.

Pork knuckle with sea cucumber. Too bony and tedious to properly enjoy.

Wok-fried river prawn with superior stock and salted egg yolk. Basically like sang har meen without the noodles. Not outstanding, but we still slurped up the sinful broth.

Braised ox tendon and stomach in tau chiew sauce. Meaty and hearty, but the sauce tasted too similar to the pork knuckle one.

Ee Chinese Cuisine,
Eastin Hotel.
Tel: 7665-1111