Earth Food II

November 9, 2011

Remember Earth Food? When we first visited it in January (man, time flies!), it occupied the venue that now houses Haven Cafe at Ampang Hilir.

Fast-forward 10 months, Earth Food has moved into another bungalow near Haven after a tenancy spat, setting the stage for a showdown of organic outlets on this street.
Earlier entry on Earth Food: Jan. 17. Entries on Haven Cafe: July 24 & Sept. 2.

Free-range duck confit with garlic potatoes. Both Earth Food & Haven have their merits, but Earth Food's menu feels wider, bursting with pages of breakfast platters, salads, soups, stone-oven pizzas, pastas, main courses & desserts.

Fish & chips, using organically fed tilapia. The recipes are reassuringly familiar & well-executed; naturally, the primary lure is food free of antibiotics & preservatives, obtained from ecologically responsible sources.

Coq au vin. Tender chicken thigh, slow-cooked in wine sauce & served with spaghetti.

Veggie interlude: brussel sprouts with walnuts. Earth Food will soon launch an herb & veggie garden, where families can plant produce & even adopt a tree.

Organic grass-fed beef burger. Would be even better with some egg on top.

Prefer unprocessed meat? Try char-grilled filet mignon with cafe de paris sauce, flavorsome & juicy. Alas, it's the priciest item on the menu, costing about RM80, but a filling meal can still be had here for under RM50 if customers order simpler fare. Senior citizens aged above 60 can dine in at half price.

French toast with poached egg. Earth Food is currently a work in progress, so construction & refurbishment are ongoing in its sprawling garden compound _ in the weeks ahead, customers can expect to find facilities for yoga & pilates, a store for mothers & babies, as well as an eco-car wash (!).

Quinoa noodles with saba mackerel, for assam laksa that's satisfyingly thick & tangy.

Scones, available from morning through night. Last orders are at 9:30 p.m. daily.

Cheese cake, less cloying & guilt-inducing than most versions, but still scrumptious.

Another advantage of Earth Food: organic wine is offered at prices below RM100.

In the end, we hope & believe there'll be room for both Earth Food & Haven to thrive.

Don't loaf around _ head here soon for freshly baked bread by Origene Bakery.

Groceries are also available, from cereals to juices. Run with passion & pride, Earth Food really is a one-stop center for the health-conscious.

EarthFood + Family,
289, Jalan Ampang Hilir (on the street that runs behind Great Eastern Mall),
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-4251-5551