Dolly Dim Sum @ Avenue K

November 11, 2014

Dim sum served all day long in a cheerful, colourful & contemporary setting that's a convenient stroll from countless offices in the city centre? We won't need a fortune teller's services to foresee that Avenue K's new Dolly Dim Sum is destined to swiftly become a major magnet for chopstick-wielding crowds.

Say hello to Dolly, modelled after one of this outlet's owners, Jan, who also runs The Gardens' Fresca Mexican Kitchen. This new restaurant in Avenue K is split into two, with Dolly occupying one section & a second branch of Fresca taking up the rest. 

 Customers can cross-order between Dolly & Fresca, no matter where they sit, so this might be the only venue in KL for now where you can have both chicken siu mai & fish tacos simultaneously on one table.

Vivid hues for a vibrant hangout; it's easy to imagine Dolly making a splash on Instagram soon, especially if the sun's shining.

Dolly hits all the necessary notes, realising that when it comes to dim sum, familiarity breeds comfort. Customers would complain if the selection failed to comprise classics like 'har gau' prawn dumplings (RM9.50 before taxes) & 'loh mai gui' glutinous rice with chicken char siu, sliced abalone & mushrooms (RM8.50).

House-made fish balls steamed on spinach (RM7.50) & beef balls with mandarin peels (RM8.50); Dolly is a no-pork place, but the variety & quality of its food make it worth recommending nevertheless.

Scallop cheong fun with kitchen-made belacan (RM15). Prices are basically in line with expectations of a restaurant like this; for two patrons, a substantial lunch should safely clock in somewhere south of RM100. Our bill for two edged closer to RM180, but that's partly because we over-ordered & also had two cocktails.

 Golden custard fritters stuffed with sweet corn niblets (RM7). Fried or steamed, everything at Dolly tastes freshly prepared.

Dolly Mozza Roll - bean curd skin rolls stuffed with prawn & melted mozzarella cheese (RM10.50). We also appreciate how nothing here's too greasy or sodium-laden; flavours are well-balanced in a restrained manner that's likely to minimise criticism.

 Yam croquettes with peas (RM8). Textures also fare commendably at Dolly's; what's supposed to be crispy is crispy, with similarly successful results for creaminess, springiness & chewiness.

 Other worthwhile items include fluffy-hot buns with honey BBQ meat (RM8) ...

 ... 'ham sui kok' - meaty glutinous dumplings (RM8.50) ...

... & pan-fried buns filled with salted fish, ginger & scallions (RM8.50).

Tradition might dictate that tea should be offered (& indeed, Dolly delivers on the whole Puer/Guihua/Shuixian spectrum), but there are also Oriental-inspired cocktails (hurray!) to complement the food.

 Best bets might be the Pu Er Old Fashioned (RM30; Makers' Mark infused with aged Pu Er) & Longevity (jasmine-infused gin, fresh lime & lychee liquor). At this rate, Dolly truly will never go away again (right, Louis?).

Dolly Dim Sum
Ground Floor, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

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