Dirty Nelly's

February 28, 2011

Damansara Jaya isn't renowned for its watering holes, so a hip new neighborhood hangout like Dirty Nelly's stands a stellar shot at mopping the floor with its competitors.

The pub grub at this porcine paradise tastes terrific and is perfectly priced, with mains costing about RM25. Specialties include the classic English favorite of grilled gammon steak _ a smoky slice of hog thigh with caramelized pineapples & an unapologetically creamy fried duck's egg.

Angels & devils on horseback _ pitted prunes wrapped in streaky bacon & sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Also delectable; the luscious prunes simply melt in the mouth, making them seem somewhat like sweetened pork fat.

Poor Man's Pate _ pork pate sealed under clarified butter & served with red onion marmalade. Despite its name, this turned out be really rich, boasting a soft, smooth texture _ almost akin to margarine _ and intensely gamy flavor.

Wild boar pie. Lots of succulent bits of savory meat, buried beneath a buttery cloud of steaming-hot mashed potatoes. Preferable to a pastry pie, for sure.

Lynch Moussas Merlot (2004). Only one type of wine offered, but it's a keeper.

This place gets packed by 9pm (even when we were here on a regular Wednesday night earlier this month), so it might be best to book a table.

Dirty Nelly's,
27, SS 22/19, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7731-3719