Di Wei

November 10, 2010

A surprisingly chic Chinese restaurant, with its own catwalk for some strange reason.

If you're looking for a calm venue, free from the hustle and bustle of most Chinese eateries, then Di Wei definitely fits the bill (for now).

A spicy, Szechuan-influenced tofu starter that somehow tasted freshly prepared.

The menu sticks to tried-&-tested recipes, including chilled pork trotters with scallop fringes. Superbly tender meat, with a strong boost of flavor from the savory scallops.

Roasted pork belly (siu yoke). OK, but unremarkable; not as succulent as expected.

Roast duckling, to wrap up our pre-dinner snack. Juicy but bony. Addictive, nevertheless.

Bitter Pu'Er tea.

A multitude of wines is available, but alas, none is sold by the glass.

Di Wei,
Empire Hotel Subang.