DFong @ Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya

October 24, 2013

Motorists crawling on the Sprint Highway might recently have noticed DFongs signboard taunting them by the road; its worth stopping here sometime for satisfactory Chinese cooking.

If a thing of beauty truly is a joy forever, DFong supplies eternal bliss with its sang har meen.

It might only be our prawn-loving imagination, but this plate looks divine from every angle.

We have to post these photos for posterity. Or at least to remind ourselves why sang har meen ranks so high among our most cherished recipes.

But how does it taste? Not bad at all; the noodles were nice & crisp, the prawns were plump, & crucially, the gravy proved reasonably rich with the flavor of roe.

Plus, at RM58++, it isnt much more expensive than what wed pay at, say, Imbi.

Those noodles filled us up well, but lets uncover a few other potential treasures at DFong.

Baked free-range chicken (RM36++). Could be a bit more herbal, but thats nitpicking.

Chilled tofu with century eggs. Naturally, we prefer the latter component of this combo.

No complaints about DFongs barbecued meat either. We enjoyed both the roast pork ...

... as well as the duck. DFong also serves dim sum on weekends; thats something were sure will be written about in the weeks ahead.

DFong has an excellent wine list, serving some by the glass. And its service is solid. The restaurant seems to be gaining popularity quickly; we were here for an early dinner on a Sunday evening & more than two-thirds of the tables were filled by the time we left at 8pm.

DFong Chinese Restaurant,
Ground Floor, Wisma TA, Jalan SS20/1, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.
Opposite Tropicana City Mall, somewhat. Or is this Damansara Kim. Hmmmm.
Open daily for lunch & dinner. Tel: 03-7725-2918

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