Delucca @ Nagasari

March 5, 2009

Our first trip to Delucca left us with memories of soggy spaghetti and lacklustre lasagne. The food was better on our second visit, though it was a hit-or-miss experience. This place has lots of potential, with a vast menu and very friendly staff, but there's space for improvement.

Delucca has an elevated open kitchen where you can watch the chef and his proteges in action, though it's not a very interesting sight.

The first hint of mediocrity: a bland set of bread rolls.

Thankfully, the gnocchi with blue cheese and fresh cream sauce was superb. I usually avoid ordering gnocchi because it's so filling, but this was addictive. We wiped the plate clean.

Ravioli stuffed with truffle oil-infused beef ragu. A bit of a disappointment. We were skeptical that there was any truffle oil in this.

Spaghetti with mussels, clams, squid and prawns in cherry tomato sauce. Generously packed with seafood, this was a solid offering. 

Merlot Torresella Venetto '05 and Shiraz Cabernet Riverina '00.


One Residency, Jalan Nagasari.
Tel: 2144-6532