December Hairy Boys: DHB Central

February 1, 2021

This TTDI-based truck tackles bread-meat pairings with punchy flavours, from buffalo burgers to cheesesteak-style sandwiches.

The OSB burger features a house-made buffalo meat patty that's thick and tender, albeit a bit gamy - plenty of protein packed in between the bun with American cheese, raw onions, ketchup and a secret sauce (RM12).

The Malaya Cheesesteak is even heartier, more sandwich than most of us can handle, with thin-sliced rib-eye generously stuffed in a soft roll, spilling out with so much oozy cheese whiz, caramelised onions and capsicum for the guiltiest sort of grub (RM18).

DHB Central (DHB stands for December Hairy Boys) is regularly parked at Rasta TTDI.

DHB Central


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