Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino @ 1 Utama

July 16, 2009

Recently revisited this place after nearly 5 years. It still serves impressive fare; we really should try to return here more often.

Crispy pork belly shavings salad, with mixed veggies, sliced Asian pear, green apple, orange, tomato salsa and grated parmesan in a salsa verde dressing. A huge, non-healthy salad that would satisfy 3 or 4 people. Loads of pork shavings buried beneath the veggies.

Baby back pork ribs in BBQ sauce. Tender and tasty, but not the best in town.

Pappardelle egg pasta in alfredo sauce with cured mortadella sausage & button mushrooms. A bit overpriced (about RM45), but no complaints, taste-wise.

Honey-cured ham pizza with pineapple and mayonnaise. Their signature pizza, this was pretty addictive. We loved the ham's sweet smokiness.

La Joya Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (Chile).

Dave's Pizza Pasta Vino,
1 Utama.
Tel: 7725-4017