Danielle's & The Deli @ Micasa

September 12, 2012

Danielle's, a charming cafe run by a cheerful Frenchwoman of the same name, is worth considering as a new lunchtime option for folks in the city center.

Customers are welcomed by a wide showcase of everything from croissants to confitures, creme caramel to eclairs, baguettes to meringue.

Located on the shopfront beside Tun Razak's Micasa hotel, with space for scarcely 20 patrons; head here early for a table or take away the food instead.

Tuna tartine, pleasurably built with crunchy bread and a creamy slathering of fish.

Duck pate with citrus peels. Rustically coarse, supplying a respectable chew and meaty flavor.

Ratatouille quiche, hot and fresh-tasting, decisively buttery and determinedly eggy.

Equality, fraternity: Danielle's obtains macarons from Nathalie's, so purchase any number of the caramel, lemon or chocolate flavors with complete confidence.

Skip the coffee here though; not really a brew we can recommend wholeheartedly.

Tables by the window are nice. Not a Parisian street scene, but still better than some views.

Bonus: From Danielle's, it's barely a two-minute walk to The Deli at Micasa, where more French and European fare, from croque monsieur to steak tartare, can be found.

Can't resist a Wagyu beef burger that costs only RM20++. And it's not a bad burger, thanks to a patty that's as juicy as can be.

Duck confit, a relative bargain for RM17++. Decent, though something's missing here, maybe more satisfyingly crisp skin or a fattier, fuller flavor.

Caramel and chestnut ice cream, RM10++ for two scoops. Maintaining the could-be-better theme, this is worthwhile but pales in comparison to, say, Forty Licks.

Tea and coffee are available, but as with Danielle's, wine is not served at The Deli.

Danielle's & The Deli,
Micasa Hotel, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.
Danielle's opens through 6pm weekdays, earlier Saturdays and is closed Sundays.