Dancing Fish revised

December 13, 2010

Shimmying straight into BSC's sea of restaurants, Dancing Fish excels in a repertoire of recipes from Bali, Java and other parts of Indonesia.

Emping melinjo. Crunchy, bittersweet crackers made from crushed nuts, served with a mildly spicy sambal terasi, the Indonesian shrimp chili sauce version of our sambal belacan.

Karedok, a Javanese salad comprising freshly cut cucumber, cabbage & long beans, tossed in a peanut-&-herb sauce. Reminiscent of gado-gado, but with no boiled eggs or potatoes.

Bebek Goreng Bali. Crispy duck, marinated in Balinese herbs & spices for 24 hours, then fried. Absolutely addictive; not the healthiest way to cook a duck, but we gobbled up every sliver of this fowl's tender, fragrant flesh.

Nila Goreng, Dancing Fish's namesake. Now that KLCC's House of Sundanese is no more, this is where to get our fix of this gorgeously presented deep-fried fish.

Nasi putih & nasi kunyit. Unnecessary carbs, since we had no curries or gravies in our meal, but the rice looked irresistible in these traditional pots.

Astica Chardonnay (Argentina). Wine is available on request (by both the bottle and the glass), though the selection is sorely limited for now.

The setting is serene and service is stellar. Thumbs up, totally.

Dancing Fish Malay-Indo Cuisine,
3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 2095-6663

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