Daily Treats @ Westin Kuala Lumpur

July 7, 2010

Very few people wander into this part of The Westin, making it the ideal hideaway for a romantic rendezvous or a secret powwow to plot an assassination.

Berry & tiramisu chocolate pieces. Although there are plenty of sandwiches and savory deli items available, the sweets here are the most prominent attraction.

It's always nice to see rum baba on the menu, but this version was too bland and dry, lacking the necessary saturation of alcohol for that extra kick.

Cheese cupcake. Fresh, juicy fruit slices complemented the creamy cake.

Pistachio ice cream. Generously packed with a truly unbelievable amount of nuts.

Corn ice cream. Tasted better than supermarket varieties, of course.

Rum Runner (light & dark rum, lime, pineapple juice) & Cointreauversial (cointreau, skyy vodka, strawberry liquor & lemonade, muddled with mint leaves, strawberries & kiwi fruit).

Daily Treats,
The Westin Kuala Lumpur.