D. Owl Baker: Mini Banana Loaves

August 9, 2021

Selayang-based home baker D. Owl Baker has gone bananas for banana loaves, offering four different varieties in mini portions that can be finished in three bites each for a fun dessert sampler (RM20 per Owl Box of four).

Dense but tender-crumbed, moist like a muffin, ripe with natural sweetness, these banana loaves are a tropical treat. Everyone will have their personal favourite - purely banana, strikingly striped with a slice of real fruit; nutty with a sprinkling of walnuts; decadent with a dripping of chocolate sauce; or with both walnuts and chocolate (this last one is our best bet, promising more multifaceted flavours and textures).

D. Owl Baker
WhatsApp: 019-282-3927

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