D'Vijff Vlieghen @ Amsterdam

December 8, 2013

It's off to the Netherlands for this entry: The name of this very formal restaurant (which translates into 'The Five Flies') might seem punishing to pronounce, but that's no impediment to eating here.

This sprawling outlet features nine intricately decorated, dimly lit rooms _ some with Rembrandt masterpieces or antique handmade glassware _ spread out over five 17th-century canal houses.

The establishment prides itself on using seasonal Dutch produce for recipes that bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary cooking.

Amuse bouche of langoustine mousse with salmon roe and rose petals. Who knew that oceanic flavors could work so pleasingly with a floral fragrance?

Herring cocktail with pureed shallots, potatoes, white bread and pickled gherkin sorbet. A cold, creamy combo with somewhat subtle, salad-ish flavors.

Spinach soup with poached hen's egg, forest mushrooms & bread. A weird mix; not quite sure whether the ingredients gel well together,

Fillet of rabbit with rilette of its stewing flesh, a hearty meat-and-potatoes recipe. For the accompaniments: Marrowfat peas are green mature peas allowed to dry out naturally in the field; piccalilli is a relish of chopped pickled veggies.

Dutch beef, medium-rare. Good steak; nothing more, nothing less.

Assortment of Dutch cheeses. As satisfying as some French ones.

D'Vijff Vlieghen,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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