Cupcakes by JOW Creations

October 12, 2012

The cupcake craze might seem past its prime, but these colorful, frosting-rich confections still represent a marvelous means of spreading sweet cheer.

JOW Creations is the Klang Valley's latest home-based cupcake enterprise, setting itself apart by topping its treats with cream cheese instead of buttercream.

From suits & briefcases to strawberries & baking pans: The call of the cupcakes propelled JOW's founder, Jo Weng, to leave white-collar investment banking this year and pour his passion into creating these rainbow-hued babies from scratch everyday.

Jo's eight flavors include honey & lavender, marshmallow & cinnamon, chocolate & peppermint, as well as a subtly boozy option of vanilla & bailey's, but he also accepts special requests (wasabi frosting? no problem, with sufficient advance notice).

Temptingly thick toppings that the 25-year-old Jo progressively perfected since he began baking cupcakes for classmates in school celebrations. RM24 for a half-dozen.

Cupcakes by JOW Creations