Croisette @ Cascadium

November 30, 2011

Gallic food at an unlikely venue _ a poolside cafe hidden in a Bangsar condominium.

With a French chef at the helm, Croisette serves traditional recipes & twists on familiar cuisine; this "pistou rotizza" represents the latter _ evocative of the healthiest roti canai ever, topped with an aromatic spread of basil, garlic, sea salt, olive oil & tomatoes.

Duck confit with roasted herb potatoes. A no-frills interpretation of a French favorite. Less sodium-packed than versions elsewhere, but every bit as juicy.

Hearty, honest-to-goodness beef bourguignon. Feels home-cooked, with red wine-braised meat accompanied by stewed carrots & mushrooms. Julia Child, who called this recipe "one of the most delicious beef dishes concocted by man," might have approved.

Another wine-not-optional classic: coq au vin, marinated with Riesling & simmered to succulence. Croisette's prices are reasonable, particularly for Bangsar; most mains cost north of RM20, with starters & desserts priced much lower.

Pumpkin veloute. Warm & thick, with a sweetness that tastes reassuringly natural.

Chocolate & orange parfait. Indulgently creamy, but since its flavor emanates mainly from cocoa & orange peels, instead of spoonfuls of sugar, this might work as a low-guilt pleasure.

Much wine is available. Angove Nine Vines Shiraz Viognier, an agreeable South Australian red.

Croisette Cafe @ Bangsar,
Cascadium Condominium, Jalan Penaga, Bangsar.
Open Monday-Saturday through 10pm.
Tel: 016-330-4477