Cristallo @ Pacific Regency Kuala Lumpur

March 12, 2010

This non-smoking lounge beside Luna Bar showcases a glittering view of the city skyline.

It's a cozy space that's pretty calm on most weekday evenings.

Luna Rustica Pizza (cured duck prosciutto, mushrooms, rocket, chilli oil). Now this is what we call a cheesy sensation.

BBQ Beef Ribs. Tender and tasty, but might be too much meat for two people.

Apollo 13 (champagne, rum, peach liqueur, midori melon, mango juice) & Frozen Space Cookie (vodka, coffee liqueur, butterscotch, bailey's, oreo, whipped cream).

Mr Flirty Nutty (absolut vanilla vodka, frangelico, kahlua, bailey's, fresh cream, crushed nuts, chocolate stick) & Galaxy Stars (vodka, lychee liqueur, orange, cranberry juice).

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Pacific Regency Hotel,
Menara Pan Global.