creAsian @ Bukit Bintang

September 4, 2009

It's a Balinese furniture and art shop! It's a spa with milk baths and body scrubs! But luckily for us, it's also a restaurant and bar.

Customers can dine indoors using the tables and chairs that are also for sale. It's cosy but a little claustrophobic because of the cramped space.

There's more room outside, where the bar operates amid a booming soundtrack that swings from Michael Bolton to Rihanna.

The two-page food menu comprises mainly local recipes. Nothing exciting, but the offerings are well-prepared, satisfyingly tasty and surprisingly cheap.
The Bandung noodles were packed with plump prawns, chicken slices and a fried egg. A terrific choice for a cold, rainy evening.

The devilled curry chicken with potatoes & rice might not be spicy enough for hardcore chilli lovers, but it was flavourful and hearty enough to suit us fine.

Booze is available! CreAsian Blue Island (rum, blue curacao and triple sec) & CreAsian Drive (vodka, triple sec and orange juice).

Jason's Dip (baileys, sambuca, brandy) and Kahlua on the rocks.

21, Jalan Jati, Off Bukit Bintang.
Tel: 2141-1108