November 2, 2010

Comida's tagline is admirably brash: "The Way We Like It." Nevertheless, the menu plays mostly by the rules, providing crowd-pleasing recipes that should prove satisfying enough for a casual evening out with close friends.

Pumpkin soup with bay leaves. As creamy as broth gets, with a natural sweetness that reminded us how a world without pumpkins would be a slightly sadder place (notwithstanding the need for a new Halloween mascot).

Pizza with pizzazz, topped with prawns, calamari, mozzarella & tomato pesto. This had the perfect thin crust, crisp & charred. Nothing refined, but _ admit it _ there's a special gratification to be achieved from chomping down on a splendidly cheesy, seafood-laden slice of pizza.

Fried steak _ battered sirloin loaded with wild mushrooms, beef bacon & cheese. Comfort food during times when the world stomps on your heart, crushes your dreams and kills your spirit. But even those of us who aren't quite experiencing that can appreciate this juicy cut.

Paella with clams, calamari, prawns & capsicum. Carbs, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber & water, all thrown together in a cooking pot that will fill tummies and fulfill taste buds. In the end, isn't that what good food is all about?

A meal without wine is a life without love. Obviously, I'm writing this entry while mildly drunk and on a tight deadline, thanks to this Santa Carolina Premio.

Chilean red wine. Fun and fruity. Uncomplicated, like how life should be _ but isn't.

Comida (The Way We Like It),
Solaris Dutamas.