Coffee Chemistry Cafe

January 26, 2011

Not a caffeine addict? No fear, CCC is still well worth visiting, thanks to its inexpensive snacks and wonderfully warm service.

Chicken-&-mushroom pie. Banish all memories of other pitiable pies with dry, stale pastry and bland, stringy meat (Delifrance, cough, cough). This made-to-order version is the exact opposite. Devastatingly delicious.

Roasted pumpkin & capsicum soup. OK, so pumpkin soup has turned into a cliche. But this creamy, deliriously aromatic broth ranks among the Klang Valley's best, packed with melt-in-the-mouth chunks of nectarous pumpkin.

Vegetarian frittata (oven-baked omelet with salsa). A luscious bargain for RM4.90 (less than what a Big Mac costs!), featuring a rich, runny egg yolk hidden within.

The cakes are OK, but unmemorable. Plus point: not too sweet.

Graffeo specialty coffees (iced mocha & roasted almond latte). The coffee chemists here seem to have found a magic formula in their laboratory, creating explosively flavorful, full-bodied beverages that might put hair on your chest.

Coffee Chemistry Cafe,
Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.