Code:Black Espresso, Selayang

October 20, 2020

Code green alert for fans of pumpkin pie, sourdough pizzas, intriguing cakes and coffee: The pumpkin pie isn't always available, so call ahead to check. It's a rare treat that few cafes serve - Code:Black's is fresh-baked with roasted pumpkin, soft and naturally sweet, nuanced with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Sourdough pizzas are sometimes another weekend speciality, going into the oven to order, emerging crisp but supple. Have one topped with chicken, red peppers, garlic and cherry tomatoes on a herbaceous pesto base.

For cakes, try the triple threat layered with bananas on the bottom, single-origin Ghana chocolate in the middle, and salted caramel on top - creamy and flavour-packed without being cloying.

Piccolos will tempt the latte lovers; for hand-brewed coffee, recent possibilities include the Bolivian honey-processed Geisha, sourced from the Finca Isabel highland farm near La Paz where wild birds play a role in coffee production.

Code:Black Espresso
B-G-9, Emerald Avenue, Jalan PS 11, Selayang - Kepong Highway, Prima Selayang, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor. 
Regular operations: Open Monday-Thursday, 3pm-11pm; Friday, 3pm-12am; Saturday-Sunday, 1pm-12am. Tel: 016-692-9019

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