City Golf

November 14, 2010

Tucked in an obscure corner of BSC's top floor, this isn't merely an "indoor golf venue" for practicing your swing. It's also a worthwhile place to have dinner if you crave more privacy than what the crowded restaurants on the lower levels offer.

There's a limited menu, with food from the kitchens of La Bodega and The Pressroom. Booze is available, except for cocktails.

Pizza topped with egg, spinach & onions. Tasted almost healthy, thanks to the generous serving of spinach. The crust was crisp and thin, while the egg yolk was perfectly runny.

Potatoes, carrots, eggs & tuna in mayonnaise. Skip this; it almost seemed like something straight out of a can. Kinda cat food-ish, in a way.

Lamb meatballs in brandy sauce. A piping-hot pleasure, tender and not too gamy.

City Golf,
Bangsar Shopping Centre.