City Deck Bar @ Frangipani

April 13, 2012

Frangipani recently renovated its lower level, launching a lovely-looking City Deck Bar outside its main restaurant to complement its lively lounge upstairs.

The bar is split into two sections: there's a sleek, air-conditioned interior, but we'd recommend the more spacious, shaded terrace, kept cool by ceiling fans.

City Deck Bar's menu is completely its own. Pretend you're in South America & placate your palate with ceviche (RM38++) _ lime-marinated raw shrimp, scallops, baby octopus & black cod, served with pineapple salsa, chilies & green pea puree in a martini glass.

Dreaming of Spain? Close your eyes & make believe you're in Madrid, munching on fluffy churros (RM38++) partnered with caramel-thick chocolate orange dipping sauce.

Devilish Decadence: Double 'D' French Fries (RM18++), twice-fried (!) in duck fat, accompanied by Frangi-made mayonnaise. More succulent than regular fries, featuring a flavorsome fattiness best savored hot.

Whitebait fritters with chili fish sauce (RM38++). One quibble: Prices here are steep.

Buy 'em by the pitcher: RM75++ for three large glasses of Indian Summer (gin, sweet Italian vermouth, peaches, fresh lemons, apples, tonic water).

A Bad Idea (silver tequila, blueberries, fresh watermelon, lime, mint leaves).

A bit of Changkat bar-hopping for a Saturday night: after Frangi, we returned to The Bier Bar.
Earlier entry on The Bier Bar: March 26, 2012.

The Bier Bar has unveiled its own menu, separate from its mother outlet, El Cerdo. Expect plenty of porkiness, from knuckles to ribs to fries tossed with sausages. But be sure to secure the complimentary starter: fruit-studded bread with pork pate, well worth the stomach space.

KL's lengthiest sausage? This German Thuringer measures no less than half a meter long, marvelous for masculine appetites.

When in The Bier Bar, drink beer: Asahi, by the tap (Japan).

Kronenbourg Lager (France).

City Deck Bar @ Frangipani & The Bier Bar @ El Cerdo,
Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.