Cinnamon @ Mid Valley Gardens

March 25, 2009

The restaurant looks nondescript,  but its menu offers a sweeping spread of Indian favourites. The food is all right, though some might say it's overpriced and forgettable.

The complimentary papadum was light and crispy.

Roomali roti, described as "handkerchief-thin bread." Perfect for curries.

Kashmiri Navratna Khorma (garden veggies in a mild curry with dried fruits). The curry was tasty, but the peas and carrots seemed like they came straight from a can.

Baldi Gosht (lamb cubes cooked with herbs and spices in a small bucket). Slightly too salty, but still a solid offering.

Australian Shiraz. So-so; thankfully we didn't order a full bottle.

The Gardens.