Chyuan's Tiffin Underground Supper Club @ Sri Petaling

April 26, 2014

It's a family affair: Somewhere in Sri Petaling, brothers Eddy & Raymond Kwong, together with Raymond's wife Muk, have been testing out a private kitchen in their apartment for several months, serving unique recipes infused with Chinese, Thai & Peranakan influences. Now they're finally ready to let everybody learn about one of KL's best-kept suburban supper-club secrets.

The family, who've lived in Sri Petaling for three years, have refurbished their home with ravishingly intricate vintage flourishes _ from a Chinese-made table to an aunt's sewing machine _ to create a space that's warm, welcoming & one-of-a-kind. While dinner is being prepared & served, classic sounds of Old Shanghai float from the speakers, setting the mood for a meal that's sure to be memorable.

Eddy & Raymond learned to love cooking because of their mother's inspiration (she still resides in their home town of Kuantan); the Thai touch in these offerings comes courtesy of Muk, who's from Bangkok. The trio make for a terrific team, their backgrounds blending to result in remarkable recipes like ceviche-style prawns tossed with green mangoes, herbs & spices.

Eddy & Raymond, both affable men in their thirties, hold full-time jobs in sales & marketing, but cooking is their long-time passion; this supper club marks a natural progression from the many evenings they've spent cooking for friends. Wider numbers of people can now taste their temptations, like spoonfuls of chopped chicken & roasted rice sprinkled with crispy pork crackling.

Thai & Nyonya worlds collide for a big bang of flavour & fragrance in the Kwong family's otak-otak of moist tilapia fish custard wrapped in cups of banana leaves. Trivia: Chyuan is part of Eddy's Chinese name; he insists they have no desire to open their own restaurant, since they want to keep their dinners intimate & completely relaxed in a home environment.

Folks can call, text or email Eddy at least a couple of weeks in advance to book their dinners (which are usually held three nights a week) & to discuss the menu (which is totally open to customisation). An advance deposit is necessary; possibilities range from grilled chicken to green curries (produced with a base of pork broth), lap mei fan to hearty soups of cucumber stuffed with pork, coriander & spring onions.

Mee Hoon Siam _ no short-cuts here; the family makes their own sauces from scratch, refusing to rely on commercially manufactured tom yam paste. Spices can be dialled up or toned down based on the preference of customers; a minimum number of four people is required for a reservation, as each group will have the Kwong family's place entirely to itself for the night.

The meal comprises six to eight different dishes, costing north of RM60 per person (but it won't reach RM100) & culminating in painstakingly prepared desserts that span steamed pumpkin pudding with coconut to home-made durian ice cream or cakes ...

... to unapologetically buttery cakes mixed with ground almonds & caramelised pear, topped with strawberries & cream cheese.

Many thanks to Eddy for inviting us to his home for this dinner; one of our number has now booked a Mother's Day meal here, a vote of confidence for the vivacious flavours stirring in this home.

Eddy can be reached at 012-917-6268 or [email protected]

Chyuan's Tiffin Underground Supper Club
Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
Eddy can be reached at 012-917-6268 or [email protected]

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