Chiq Supply: Yakiniku Beef & Ox Tongue Rice Burgers

January 18, 2021

Rice, beef, mayo: That sounds like a description for Japanese donburi, but Chiq Supply refashions the recipe into rice burgers stuffed with yakiniku-style beef or ox tongue, available for delivery.

The Yakiniku Burger (RM16) features tender meat in the familiar soy flavour, sandwiched in compressed rice cakes with a mildly crisp bite, layered with lettuce, Japanese mayo and chilli oil, easy enough to eat as a fuss-free lunch - like a beef bowl in the palm of your hands. 

The Gyu Tan Burger (RM18) reimagines the popular spicy gyu tan don, spilling over thickly with as much ox tongue as you'll find in a big rice bowl, sticky and mouthwateringly messy, packed with plenty of chillies that'll certainly scorch the tastebuds.

Chiq Supply
Delivery Monday-Friday. To order, WhatsApp 018-394-8843

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