Chip 'N' Dale

April 20, 2011

Hungry for a new hangout? It's Chip 'N' Dale to the rescue!

Plenty of pubs on this street serve pork knuckles and other meaty fare, but Chip 'N' Dale is marketing itself as TTDI's premier cocktail bar. Rest assured though, pork lovers won't feel blue here, thanks to tasty treats like the juicy Nuernberger Bratwurst with red cabbage.

How reasonably priced is the food? The risotto with chicken & peas is RM18+ _ OK, considering the hearty portion. Sure, it's a bit bland and could be creamier, but we've had worse. And nope, there's no chipmunk theme here, despite the outlet's name; it's merely a catchy moniker.

Booze is the true lure here, especially the excellent cocktails, which cost only RM20-25 but remain pleasurably potent. The house specialties: Chip 'N' Dale Fruit Drop (vodka, creme de cassis, mango juice, orange juice, sour mix) & Royal Sapphire (vodka, blue curacao, sour mix, passion fruit, pineapple juice).

Royal Lychee Sparkler (vodka, champagne, kwaifeh lychee, lychee cordial) & Green Goblin (absinthe, gin, midori) _ addictive alcoholic mixes. Note: there's no signboard here so far, but this is on the same row as Sid's.

Chip 'N' Dale,
52, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail.