Chillizz Chicken Rice

February 4, 2021

Chillizz is all about choices - its rice can be paired with more than 10 varieties of chicken flavours.

We bet on the Buttermilk Chicken Rice: Battered chicken bites and creamy buttermilk sauce with buttery chicken rice, complete with house-made sambal, fairly priced for RM10.80. Other flavours span Korean-inspired ssamjang chicken to salted egg chicken, kam heong chicken to honey sesame chicken.

If you prefer poultry in its full-fleshed form, pick Chillizz's overnight-marinated Fried Chicken (RM12.90 for two pieces), which remained fresh-tasting and hot even after we received it in delivery - though its batter is a bit more sodium-loaded than we might like (the same holds true for the chicken bites).

Chillizz delivers from U Thant Road.


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