ChickPeace Home-Cooked Meals Delivery

October 28, 2020

If you crave rice paired with spicy side dishes that taste like Mamma made 'em, choose ChickPeace.

We sampled a few of ChickPeace's freshly home-cooked meals for delivery, feeling the burn with the Lemak Cili Padi Ayam (RM12; served with rice and vegetables of the day). Creamy and fiery all at once, the blaze of the chillies penetrates deeply, from the thick gravy through the tender chicken, perfect for heat-seekers.

Biryani with Prawn Sambal is another tasty temptation; the rice is mild-mannered with dried spices while the sambal is sweetish, packed with plenty of crustaceans, rounded out with an egg and earthy dhal for a flavoursome lunch or dinner (RM18). Other protein pairings for the biryani include fried chicken, mutton masala or tenggiri curry.

Can't go wrong with ChickPeace's Nasi Lemak. Our set came with more prawn sambal, plus sambal ikan bilis, as well as crisp nuts and anchovies, cucumber and hard-boiled egg - all the fragrant ingredients in the familiar ensemble that most Malaysians enjoy (RM12). Chicken sambal, chicken curry, mutton gravy and fried tenggiri are also available as accompaniments.

Many thanks to ChickPeace for this sampling. To order: WhatsApp 012-930-0344




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