Chicago Rib House

December 1, 2011

Chicago Rib House has carved out a porky presence for months in Penang, but it's finally debuting now in the Klang Valley, promising a rib-tickling affair at 1 Utama.

Kentucky Bourbon ribs, slow-roasted over hickory wood for that succulent, savory smokiness that makes pork ribs irresistible. Finger-lickin' good _ more so than any ol' fried chicken.

For a visual treat, try the Flaming Kansas City ribs, fired up with a shot of whiskey at the table. CRH's ribs can be combined with other items for sharing platters; we like the pork tenderloin, lean but tender meat aptly described on the menu as being "grilled to pork-fection" & served with apple cinnamon sauce.

BOC Pork Burger, topped with bacon, onion rings & cheese. Excellently executed, though we wish CRH would go the whole hog & throw an egg into this too.

Rib orders come with two side dishes; choices include rice, corn, veggies & various potatoes. Everything's hearty, so come here on an empty stomach.

Chicago Rib House's signature cocktails are its Mojitos, from classic ones to flavors like lychee, peach, apple, melon, orange, berry & vanilla.

Kiwi fruit & nutty Mojitos (the latter seems laced with hazelnut frangelico liquor).

Caramel Martini & Rum Runner, pretty potent. Wine & beer are also available.

Service is praiseworthy _ amiable & efficient. We'd recommend CRH for hanging out with friends & family, though the place can get crowded & stuffy at peak hours.

Chicago Rib House,
1 Utama (1st Floor, Rainforest).