Chef Tony's Popcorn

June 14, 2012

Chef Tony's first popped up in Manila six years ago before spreading across the Philippines and then to Singapore; finally, this premium popcorn is now available for regular customers in KL.

 How to build the perfect popcorn? Start with non-genetically modified U.S. corn grown in Omaha, steer clear of chemicals but scour the world for ingredients like Belgian butter, French herbs and Japanese green tea to flavor your popcorn.

A "small" tub of popcorn that two can happily share starts from nearly RM14 for a basic caramel; other varieties are fun without being over-the-top, including cheddar, white and dark chocolate, mocha, parmesan and cinnamon.

This Belgian Butter, mixed with honey-roasted walnuts, is very nice; biting into it, a distinct taste of corn evolves into a subtle sweetness before exploding into sinful savoriness.

The popcorn tubs are a terrific size for stuffing into a bag and sneaking into a multiplex. Or buy some and bring them to Tate at The Intermark, to nibble on while watching Chaplin movies flicker on the bar's screens and sipping a New York Flip (maker's mark, tawny port, demerara syrup, heavy cream, whole egg).

Kraphao Fragrancy (hendrick's gin, thai basil, lemon juice, sugar, egg white, celery bitters).

Ernest Hemingway's creation and favorite: Death in the Afternoon (absinthe, veuve clicquot yellow label champagne, lemon twist).

Chef Tony's Popcorn is sold at KL's Fahrenheit 88 and Wangsa Walk and in Johor Baru. 

Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn,
Second Floor, Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.