Chambers @ Kuala Lumpur Hilton

September 27, 2013

Returning to KL Hiltons Chambers. Earlier entry on Chambers: August 26.

Pursuing plump oysters? The ones at this new bar-&-grill might please, prepared with a Japanese-inspired sudachi citrus juice. RM34++ for a pair.

Hokkaido Bay scallops, creamy with some form of espuma & baby spinach. RM48++.

Chicken or fish? Have both, perhaps; this skewered poultry rubbed with coconut, cumin & coriander (RM18++) is pretty tasty ...

... as are these 120 grams of a gindara black cod fillet dusted with mild curry powder (RM30++). While our first entry on Chambers focused on the outlets forte of beef, the non-bovine offerings here are not too shabby in their own right.

Chambers "mature cheese" platter is a letdown though, despite its RM48++ price tag.

The uninspired roll call includes Camembert, Provolone & Roquefort, coupled with truffle honey. Strange; Graze upstairs showcases a superior selection with the likes of Epoisses & mimolette.

Still, redemption can be found in Chambers elaborately satisfying desserts, such as rum baba yeast cakes with a sturdy variety of fruits & vanilla ice cream (RM25++).

Rhubarb tart with black pepper pastry & berry sorbet (RM25++).

Luxuriously fulfilling chocolate creme brulee with with salted caramel (RM18++).

Wine is expensive at Chambers; white starts at RM31++ by the glass before leaping to RM45++ & beyond. Bottles are little better, with none below RM140++.

Cocktails launch from the RM30++ platfrom too; a fair range of martinis, margaritas & more.

Plenty of Portuguese port & Spanish sherry for a merry nightcap ...

... perfect in particular to pair cheese. And thats it, thats a wrap for Chambers.

Chambers Bar & Grill,
Hilton Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily for lunch & dinner.
Tel: 03-2264-2264