Cali's Burger, Bandar Sri Damansara

February 3, 2021

On a cold, rainy December night, scores of burger buffs huddled under umbrellas beside the Klang Valley's latest burger truck - our burgers were probably a bit wetter, sloppier and messier than usual, but no one seemed to mind, since the Cali's team was doing its best to dish out delicious burgers.

Cali's serves three types of burgers - the Chicken Katsu (with a deep-fried chicken patty, garlic mayo, cheddar, pickles and tomatoes), Beef Burger (with an Australian grain-fed beef patty, cheddar, pickles, tomatoes and onion jam) and Tamago (with a Japanese omelette, nori, house-made mayo, pickles, coleslaw and onions).

Our burgers might not be representative of the typical Cali's experience, since the team served complimentary tamago top-ups with each burger that night. The chicken and beef patties were moist and meaty in the manner of Malaysian street burgers, while the tamago was satisfying even on its own, thick and tender, fresh and warm, sandwiched in a fluffy-soft, buttery bun.

Cali's Burger


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