Cake Jalan Tiung @ Shah Alam

April 26, 2015

Did Shafinaz bake her way into Hidzad's heart? The former banker says she began brushing up on the art of creating cakes several years back because her beau had a sweet tooth - now blissfully married, the couple have unveiled Cake Jalan Tiung this month, fronting the charge in Shah Alam for the Klang Valley's current onslaught of outrageously beautiful cake shops.

Check out the origami birds - pimped up in Cake Jalan Tiung's signature shades of blue, yellow & white - that float over the counter & threaten to flutter out through the spacious first-floor cafe's lofty windows. You'll also be able to admire the awesome craft of Malaysian furniture makers like LAIN & Fine Grit Studio while basking in serene silence - the outlet hasn't purchased speakers to play music, so the sole soundtrack to your coffee break might be Hidzad intermittently chattering on his cellphone.

It's been less than three years since Shafinaz sold her first cake, but since then, you may have encountered her red velvet cakes & root beer cupcakes in some of KL's favourite cafes, from Empire Damansara's Sevencups to Bangsar South's Thirdwave & Taman Paramount's Awesome Canteen. Or you may have ordered them directly from Cake Jalan Tiung's previous baking base in Bukit Robson. If not, it's worth making the trip to their new cafe - scarcely a 15-minute drive from Subang - for temptations like this nut-studded Christiung Applegate apple cake, available by the tall & thick slice (RM12).

From salted caramel to triple chocolate cakes, the Cake Spade lemon meringue to Berry Sue pavlova, Cake Jalan Tiung's treats taste like cakes should - fresh from the oven (in this case, a Taiwanese-made beast of a machine that weighs more than an adult male gorilla), before a chiller saps them of their flavour & lushness. Shafinaz & her team of hard-working elves currently can bake only 10 cakes per day, so come early or run the risk of pleading for crumbs. Cake Jalan Tiung opens at noon & closes by 8pm so that Hidzad can escape to play late-night football - customers who want the cafe to extend its hours can sign a special petition here, or better still, tell the people of Cake Jalan Tiung in person or through Facebook.

As compelling as Tiung's cakes might be, it's possible that their cranberry blondies are even better, swoon-worthy in the way the initial perfect crunch of each bite melts into mouth-filling, buttery glory with a fruity richness. The Almost Gluten-Free Brownies are great too, dense & gooey but a little healthier than the norm, with brown rice flour, brown sugar, olive oil & a sea salt surprise that kicks in after a second & really rounds out the recipe. Even the chocolate chip cookies can be written home about, addictive for those of us who love the chips more than the biscuity bits. Note that Cake Jalan Tiung's offerings taste uncompromising in their sweetness, suitable for the inner six-year-old in each customer that's clamouring for more cookies.

But if you're seeking something sugary that's still somewhat wholesome, Tiung's chilled chia puddings are nutrition-packed jars of luscious fruit-&-seed goodness. Lovely kitchen-made cold-pressed juices are available too (in ever-changing combos like carrot-beetroot or orange-pineapple, RM10 each), as is almond milk for bottled take-home convenience. There's also coffee.

The cafe's shelves merit close inspection too, profiling the respected brands of chocolate, baking powder & jam that make Tiung's wares entrancingly evil. Cake toppers & party favours by Akudankraf are also showcased for sale. All in all, Hidzad & Shafinaz have taken a leap of faith by jettisoning their corporate careers for F&B, but both of them know all about assessing & managing risks that'll pay off - Cake Jalan Tiung could be on the cusp of super-stardom.

Cake Jalan Tiung
31M, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah J 9/J, Section 9, Shah Alam. Wed-Sun, 12pm-8pm (baking classes Tuesdays)

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