Cafe Stelle @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

March 4, 2010

Click here for earlier entry on Cafe Stelle (June 4, 2009).

We were half-full by the time we finished the bread and dips.

Saffron risotto with smoked salmon & green peas. Something went awry in the preparation, mainly because the rice was way too mushy.

Rigatoni Al Cartoccio (oven-baked large tube pasta with fish, shellfish & tomato cream). A fabulous recipe, thanks to the sweet, seafood-packed sauce.

Veal osso bucco with pumpkin puree, cherry tomato confit & pickled shallots. Would be much better if the veal had been less chewy.

Two flavours of gelati: mushroom (subtle and mild-tasting) and chocolate & chilli (two aphrodisiacs come together in one creamy blend).

Mascarpone panna cotta with espresso jelly, pistachio biscotti & berry sorbet.
Note that the risotto, rigatoni and panna cotta were part of Cafe Stelle's Valentine's set menu, so they might no longer be available.

Salisbury Semillon Chardonnay & Cabernet Shiraz.

Green Tea Milkshake & Stelle's Martini (vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, choc syrup).

Cafe Stelle,