BurgerByte @ Taman Dato Senu, Sentul

April 23, 2013

KLs truest burger buffs must nowadays be as scent-savvy as bloodhounds, sniffing out even the faintest fragrance of meat & tracking it tenaciously through tricky territory. 

Traveling to Sentuls warung wonderland might seem highly illogical, but this trek to boldly go where few burger fans have gone before beamed us up into a new-generation eatery that melds a street stalls suppertime sloppiness with a hipster cafes contemporary creativity.

BurgerByte nonetheless knows who its main patrons in this culinary-conservative neighborhood will be, so the menu features no overly outre components such as charcoal-black buns, beetroot-colored mayonnaise or peanut-butter-on-patties.

 Fun but not flustering burgers with a bite here come topped with the likes of cilantro-spiked pesto, garlic butter or jalapeno peppers, elevating what would be merely enjoyable into something somewhat more memorable.

The house-made patties (choose beef or chicken, both the surprising equal of each other) are reassuringly respectable, seasoned sufficiently to supply savoriness, not saltiness, & juicy-firmly chew-worthy, neither profligately processed nor densely dry.

Our recommendations this one with Tex-Mex beef chili, tortilla chips & an egg; but despite its potentially crowd-pleasing deliciousness, theres no real crowd so far at BurgerByte, possibly because the cost of most offerings here surpass RM10.

 Still, the very existence & veritable enthusiasm of BurgerByte might encouragingly reflect how _ in matters of food & other important instances _ the tide of change rises slowly & sometimes shakily, but its eventual triumph should prove unstoppable.

BurgerByte has branches in Sentuls Taman Dato Senu & Ampang Jayas Kolam Air Lama. 

832B, Jalan Sentul Murni, Taman Dato Senu, Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.
Sentul branch opens daily, 630pm-1am.