Bubba Gump Shrimp Co @ Citta Mall

March 5, 2016

It's been nearly eight years since Bubba Gump first landed in Malaysia, bringing its globally beloved range of shrimp, seafood & American-style soul food to our shores. We've enjoyed several visits to Bubba Gump's first branch at The Curve in the past, but we've never checked out its subsequent outposts in Citta Mall & Sunway Pyramid. Boasting a crowd-pleasing menu that's both diverse & distinctive, Bubba Gump's call to return to its fishing-boat-themed setting - complete with memorabilia from the restaurant's film inspiration, 1994's Oscar-winning Forrest Gump - proved irresistible.

Meals at Bubba Gump can be memorably playful & action-packed - start with the Shrimp Mayan Salsa, which showcases a medley of chilled shrimp, cilantro, tomatoes, avocado, onions & chillies, 'all shook up' beside your table by a smiling server, for a salsa with perky, refreshing nuances, partnered with plenty of crunchy tortilla chips & a lusciously flavour-packed Far Out Dip that's creamy with spinach, artichokes, roasted red peppers & Monterey Jack cheese. RM37.90.

Set your table sign to "Stop Forrest Stop" to signal your waiter to pop over & take your order: There's no shortage of intriguing shrimp recipes at Bubba Gump, with specialities that range from the southern U.S. preparation of Cajun Shrimp in a spicy butter sauce with garlic toast (RM32.90) to an Asian-influenced Dynamite Shrimp that spotlights succulent 'popcorn' shrimp with a blend of Thai spices & a sweet glaze (RM29.90).

If you're craving seafood beyond shrimp, cast your net on the Fisherman's Catch, comprising not only golden shrimp but flash-fried calamari & breaded white fish, dusted with Cajun spices, served in a bucketful of fries with coleslaw & sauces (RM41.90). Other oceanic offerings include chipotle-crusted fish fillets, salmon & veggie skillets, & seafood pastas with mussels & clams.

Meat is available too - one of Bubba Gump's top recommendations is the BBQ beef ribs, an encouragingly hearty platter of slow-roasted slabs of meat, perfect for sharing, paired with fries & coleslaw (RM45.90/RM69.90). You'll also find everything from southern fried chicken to grilled leg of lamb for red-blooded carnivores.

We love Bubba Gump's pear & berry salad, a mix of fresh greens with charbroiled chicken, strawberries, pears & glazed pecans, tossed with raspberry vinaigrette, topped with feta cheese - a substantial serving with beautifully balanced flavours (RM30.90). It's wholesome enough so you can indulge in a sweet treat at the finish line - the Alabama Mud Pie, layered with chocolate & vanilla ice cream with ribbons of caramel & chunks of Snickers, crowned with chocolate syrup, whipped cream & crispy peanuts (RM22.90).

Bubba Gump's beverages are lively, served in totally thirst-quenching portions - you'll find everything from Fun Coolers & Glass Combos that you can take home to smoothies & sparklers, in varieties like a Strawberry Mango Chiller (RM26.90; combining frozen lemonade with mango & & strawberry swirls) & Chocolate Root Beer Float (RM26.90; with fresh milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla yoghurt & root beer). If you like smooth, premium Margaritas, those are worth trying too, also finished with flair by the table, helping to ensure a terrific time for family & friends. Many thanks to Bubba Gump for having us back.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Malaysia
Citta Mall, The Curve & Sunway Pyramid.
The Curve +603-7710 9863 l Sunway Pyramid +603-5635 3559 l Citta Mall +603-7832 4200/300/600