Brunch @ S.Wine & The White Cup

March 20, 2012

Heading back to S.Wine @ Publika, this time for brunch, & checking out The White Cup.
Earlier entries on S.Wine: March 16 & March 18 (it's a full-fledged trilogy!).

Mexican-style pulled pork & baked beans with poached egg & avocado-feta mash on toast. If 'creamilicious' were a word, this recipe might be the definition. Trivia: S.Wine fortifies its baked beans with ham hock for a richer feel & relies on Korean eggs for a smoother finish.

The number of eateries in KL that serve Eggs Benedict with pork can probably be counted on two hands or fewer. Pierce these eggs, let their yolks weep over the BIG-baked ham & trickle through the toasted English muffins. Pure poetry.

S.Wine's own-made sausages, one infused with arugula (see the little green bits?) & the other with garlic, both pleasurably coarse & meaty enough to provide a real protein rush. Served with sour cream & potato rosti laced with sauerkraut.

French toast, deliriously high-piled with a dastardly dollop of peanut butter, apple-wood smoked bacon, bananas & maple syrup. Much more elaborate & extravagant than The Red Beanbag's simple, almond-coated version, but both are masterworks in their own fashion.

Another shot of the French toast, focusing on the peanut butter for three friends who are peanut-butter fans _ Bern, Chee Kiong & Hon Choong _ all coincidentally with the surname Lim, two of whom have already eaten with me here.

Don't skip the waffles, supplied with a savory-sweet twist thanks to maple-glazed pork belly (!!!) & strawberries. Would be even more satisfying with bacon ice cream on the side (we're thinking of the ice cream at The Hungry Hog in Subang).

Casa Lapostolle Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile).

Needing penance, we headed next to The White Cup, also at Solaris Dutamas. This outlet is marketed as a "lifestyle club," helping customers drink & exercise their way to better health.

A "meal" here starts with what looks like tap water but is supposedly aloe water. It's like a litmus test of well-being: it tastes sweet to you, that means you're in good shape. If it's sour, your health could be better. We were told to finish the entire glass.

Second course: hot tea. The White Cup opens weekdays through the early evening, offering group exercise activities every few days & smoothie-making classes.

Finally, creamy smoothies, one with sesame seeds & another with blended veggies & basil seeds. Yep, they taste wholesome & nutritious, if that's what you're after. Caution: you might get a follow-up phone call from The White Cup offering you nutritional products & services, but it's easy to say 'no thanks' without any hassle.

Note: S.Wine's breakfast items are served only until 6pm daily. The sausages come from the dinner menu, which is available starting 6pm.

S.Wine Cafe Deli @ Ben's Independent Grocer,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas.

The White Cup,
D1-G4-06, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.