Bruce Lee Sushi & Bean Buff @ SS15 Subang

June 15, 2013

Kicking its way into Malaysia, this offshoot of a New Zealand sushi chain that operates outlets in Auckland started serving funky fusion sushi in Subang this month.

Conservatives might thumb their noses at Bruce Lees eye-popping selection, but the rest of us recognize that both classic & creative sushi have their respective merits.

Peanut Butter Alert! Bruce Lee loves its nutty spread, evident in combos like this "Heaven A" maki stuffed with tempura prawns & topped with teriyaki chicken, peanut butter, breadcrumbs & secret-recipe sauces. RM19.50.

Also addictive: "Boston Roll" (RM18.50), bountiful with eel, salmon, prawns, beef bacon, avocado, more peanut butter, masago capelin roe & bonito flakes. Sizable servings; two can share a roll for a light lunch thats made fresh to order.

Another new entry on this street: Bean Buff, serving stunning chilled "tonyu" soy milk puddings.

Sensuously lush, beautifully balanced in flavor, remarkably restorative for muggy afternoons, this could be one of our favorite desserts this year. So soft, so smooth.

Finely tuned flavors range from cool cappuccino to milk tea to black sesame. Only RM3.50. 

Bruce Lee Sushi & Bean Buff,
59 & 77, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Bruce Lee opens 11am-10pm, except Sundays. Bean Buff opens daytime weekdays.