Breakfast @ Swich Cafe, HP Towers, Damansara Heights

January 6, 2013

Back to Swich, this time extra-early, since breakfast begins here at eight & ends by eleven.
First entry on Swich Cafe: July 20, 2012.

Eggs in Baskets. By now, Swichs fans have come to realize that few recipes at this cafe are run-of-the-mill; instead of no-frills eggs with bread, this version features eggs with garlic bread, mozzarella, beef bacon bits & (drum roll, please) Marmite!

Reminded me of my grandfather, who had soft-boiled eggs with toast & Marmite every morning.

Eggs Atlantic. The surprise: these yolks rest on raisin-&-seed bread instead of plain muffins.

French toast. Tastes nearly homemade, partnered with lightly tangy orange-tinged butter.

Cant leave Swich without having some cake. We recently wondered aloud whether cafe mastermind Cheng Cheng would mind creating cakes built with some of our favorite ingredients. She took less than two days to work her magic & make our sweet dreams come true.

Avocado sponge cake, covered in avocado chantilly cream & topped with pistachios. Light & refreshingly subtle in flavor, but distinctively avocado all the same. Potentially available on order.

Mangosteen cake, with mangosteen frosting & fresh mangosteens, plus a touch of jammy pomegranate within the cake, which folks can purchase either in light chiffon or denser sponge (the latters recommended for more potent flavor).

Every luscious bite of our No. 1 fruit in this beautiful cake is worth locking in our memories. Fans of under-appreciated fruits, rejoice: a ciku cake might be next.

Cheng Cheng never ceases to create. Buttery, sugary & nutty all at once: Burnt sugar cake, boasting burnt sugar frosting & almond brittle caramelized with burnt sugar. Not too saccharine for something that bears the word sugar in its name.

Well hum a happy tune with our bellies filled with this Hummingbird cake, a tropical fruit marvel comprising chunks of grilled pineapples & bananas, roasted coconut & coconut cream frosting.

Swich at HP Towers opens only on weekdays, 8am-530pm. But the countdown is mounting for the launch of Swichs Publika branch, barely weeks away.

Swich Cafe,
HP Towers, Jalan Gelenggang, Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.