Brasserie Enfin @ Oasis Piazza, Ara Damansara

September 13, 2013

Brasserie Enfin: Part Two of this French-food expedition. Earlier entry: July 31.

Own-baked bread, made fresh each evening, with French Président butter, to kick off this meal.

Cant get more traditional than onion soup (RM15++), one of the chefs personal favorites here, slow-cooked in beef-&-chicken broth, crowned with Gruyere cheese crouton.

No ordinary mushroom soup, this ones blended with both fungi from France & Malaysian-grown varieties, sauteed with cream & chicken stock. RM15++.

Watermelon, French-style Feta cheese, roasted nuts, pickles & herbs (RM8++). Playful combo, plenty of nuances to work with for both taste & texture.

Provencal-flavored grilled mackerel fillet (RM16++) on toast with red-wine-&-vinegar shallots.

Rustic coleslaw, featuring cabbage, apple, pear & carrot juliennes dressed in house-made mayo (RM8++). Doubly expensive compared to KFCs, but doubly enjoyable too.

Chocolate lovers, save lots of space for dessert: these own-made truffles are worth the calories.

Chocolate cakes & chocolate tarts, creamy & luxurious. Quite the spread.

Constructed with couverture chocolate. Love how photogenic these babies seem.

Bellini cocktails, served here at the peachy price of RM22++.

Brasserie Enfin,
Lot R-07, 1st Floor, Central Piazza, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.
Tel: 03-7832-2969
Open for dinner, except Mondays. Located above Bad Boy Cooks.