Boudoir @ Bangsar

August 16, 2010

Macarons and manicures might not be a match that most of us would mull, but one outlet in Bangsar Village is trying to change that.

This celebrity-run sanctuary is dedicated to pampering customers' hands and feet. As a bonus, you can sip champagne, wine, juices and tea here while enjoying your pedicure.

We visited this place solely for its sweet treats. The macarons come in six flavors: hazelnut, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, passion fruit & lemon. Not as luxurious-tasting as the ones at Nathalie's and Babycakes, but those locations close by 7pm, while Boudoir remains open through 10pm. Prices here are similar to what Nathalie's charges.

We preferred the chocolates, which were addictively rich and creamy.

Passion fruit bavarois & chocolate mousse. Seemed fresh, with a moist, smooth texture.

Baron's de Rothschild Legende Bordeaux Rouge 2007 & Wombat Hill Chardonnay.

2F-11, Bangsar Village II (near Reunion).