Bintang Revolving Restaurant @ Federal Hotel

December 16, 2009

Its glory days are probably over, but this place is still worth visiting once in awhile to savour an 18th-floor, 360-degree rotating view of the city. The service remains impeccable, even though the food falls far short of brilliance.

Crabmeat with avocado, coriander & capsicum coulis. On paper, this might seem like the perfect recipe, but the avocado should have been fresher.

Clam and salmon fillet with vegetable noodles in sake lemon dressing and diced potato ragout. Not bad, but not something that we'd still remember after a week or two.

Warm lobster medallions drizzled with garlic balsamic. A rather puny portion.

57 Sling (the number refers to the year 1957) and Singapore Sling.

House white wine.

Bintang Revolving Restaurant,
Federal Hotel, Bukit Bintang.