Big Ray's Grill

June 2, 2012

This meat specialist in Sri Petaling's Endah Promenade should please the wallet but perhaps not the palate. Can't always have our roast chicken and eat it.

Carnivores will have a field day here; alas, the sirloin steak is tough and thin. Still, the grain-filled side dishes of buttered and tomato rice are generously portioned.

Overly charred chicken. Juicy and flavorful inside, but its looks are an undeniable turnoff. Raise the red flag for carcinogen concerns.

This burger is impressively tall, but at a time when other outlets put major effort into their burgers, it's not enough to slap together generic patties, buns, cheddar, veggies and ketchup.

Fish. Is it dory? Maybe. Meaty, but not enjoyable enough to salvage this meal.

Big Ray's serves no pork, but Endah Promenade also hosts an Overtime, where customers can snack on mini pork knuckles. Beware: there's more gelatinous fat than meat on these bones.

Overtime's beer cocktails include Go Naked, featuring beer with lemon juice, gin and grenadine. Customers can also just have plain ol', good ol' Starker Dunkel beer.

Lychee Slush and Carribean Night (beer with Bailey's Irish Cream).

Wine is also available at Overtime. Decent ones at surprisingly decent prices.

Big Ray's Grill and Overtime,
Endah Promenade, Sri Petaling.