Big Mouth Burger @ Bandar Sunway

September 20, 2013

Burger haters, this ones not for you; for the rest of us, Big Mouth, which opened this month in Bandar Sunway, promises two or three items of possible interest.

 Living up to its name, Big Mouths signature eight-inch-wide creation is a behemoth of a burger, served in a box the size of a birthday cake, boasting a 500-gram flame-grilled beef patty that even four customers might have trouble finishing. Comes with fries too.

 Cant capture the magnitude of this staggering mega-burger in these snapshots; sandwiched with beef bacon, cheese & onions in the Klang Valleys now-ubiquitous charcoal bun, this might clock in at nearly a kilogram, ensuring the RM52.80 price tag feels warranted.

Still, theres space for nitpicking: Ketchup-mayo elements in Big Mouths recipes weigh somewhat heavily, making this taste like a hybrid of hipster burgers, street burgers & fast-food burgers. Some will like it, some wont. Fair enough.

For less epic appetites, try smaller burgers that nonetheless seem more substantial than normal; our best bets this Benedict Burger (RM12.80, including fries).

 Topped with a poached egg thats respectably runny, this one works well enough.

 Big Mouths patties are not exactly top-notch meat, but theyll do in a pinch. For a pleasant visit, keep expectations within a reasonable range.

 Also potentially enjoyable: Big Apple Burger (RM18.80), served with hash brown & grilled apple.

 Maybe the apple could be sliced thicker for better results. Big Mouth Burger is opening two branches for now: this one near Sunway University & another in Seremban later this week.

Not into beef? Have a chicken burger with quite-good onion rings, pickles & an extra request of fried egg. RM13.80. Could be a satisfying supper snack, except that Big Mouth currently opens 10:30am-8:30pm (closed Sundays). Caution: Parking here on weekdays requires some patience.

 Fries, chunky enough, though without the crisp that would render them wholly irresistible.

Big Mouth Burger,
28, Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway Industrial Park, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-5612-6939