Big Chomp Burger @ SS15 Subang

June 13, 2013

Burger haters, avert your eyes: Another teen-targeting joint has invaded burger-besieged Subang, bringing more meaty mischief to this thriving neighborhood.

Big Chomp Burger (no relation to Big Hug Burger nearby) opened this week on one of SS15s busiest streets; what sets this place apart (marginally, at least) is its use of stuffed omelets to top the patties. 

For example, this Eddgra (RM15 nett) comes not only with cheese & caramelized onions but also a slice of Spanish omelet thats packed with potatoes.

Flossy Chick (RM13), featuring grilled chicken breast & omelet filled with chicken floss. 

Fatty Shroom (RM15): Deep-fried portobello mushroom, button mushrooms & parmesan omelet. All in all, these signature burgers are worth trying, though some of the components might not complement each other as harmoniously as hoped for. Also, the flavors feel a bit muted & the texture cries out for creamier ingredients.

Not into omelets? No worries, order something else here, like the Chomp B+ (RM16), which comes with beef bacon (& theoretically, hash brown & cream cheese). Big Chomps beef patties are satisfyingly big & chunky, but a bit more dense than juicy.

Our favorites the Flaming O (RM14), pretty tasty with battered chicken, salami, pepperoni & pimento peppers. Could be even better with thigh meat instead of breast.

Plenty of chili in this burger for a pleasant zing. Heres wishing Big Chomp all the best; there are some nice ideas here, & we trust theyll be fine-tuned in the months ahead.

Big Chomps burgers might take 30 minutes to make after orders are placed, so hop next door while waiting; Big Chomp is right beside Cham Bagel, run by a Gambian who spent many years baking bagels in New York.

Warmed up on order, this poppy-seed bagel with cream cheese boasts a real baked-fresh feel. Other bagel varieties here include honey wheat, cinnamon, garlic & oatmeal, all of which can be stuffed with the likes of peanut butter, scrambled eggs & chicken salad.

Big Chomp Burger & Cham Bagels,
39 & 41, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya.
Big Chomp opens everyday, 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm.