Bibitus @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

April 21, 2010

Click here for earlier entry on Bibitus (January 14).

Hickory-smoked anchovies with cream cheese & lemon butter sauce on organic rye & molasses toast. Salty, smoky and slimy, but it worked very well as a melt-in-the-mouth pleasure. Wish we could have ordered a dozen of these!

Basil-infused snails with pea puree, tomato glaze & garlic peanut crumble. A visual treat, a veritable symphony of tastes and textures (like virtually everything here).

Organic chicken breast, seared & then baked in a hay, salt & spice crust, served with celeriac truffle pancake, celeriac puree & verjuice glaze. Not as dried out as breast meat tends to be, but carried an earthy taste uncommon in chicken recipes.

Betel leaf-wrapped Angus tenderloin with Savoy cabbage & Indonesian black nut. A knockout platter with Asian influences. I've never seen buah keluak outside of Nyonya outlets, but its creamy texture and olive-like flavour performed magic with the super-succulent beef.

Thyme & honey ice cream. A refreshingly chilled conclusion to a chilled-out evening.

Hickory-smoked chocolate ice cream. A bizarre but breathtaking twist to the typical choc ice cream. Imagine it flavoured with a Tex-Mex BBQ sauce.

Cotes du Rhone, Le Clos du Caillou, Dom. Poulzin-Vacheron.

Bibitus @ Frangipani,
Changkat Bukit Bintang.