Bermuda & Onion @ Changkat

May 1, 2010

Bermuda & Onion's transition into a pork-free outlet has proceeded smoothly, notwithstanding the grief of those of us who sorely miss the suckling pig here.

The menu is now a mishmash of mainly Italian & French influences, but it's fair to say there's been no discernible dip in the quality of the food.

Beef tartar, comprising minced raw tenderloin with egg yolk, capers, onions & anchovies. Well-seasoned, fresh-tasting meat makes all the difference here.

Pappardelle with rabbit ragout, carrots, celery, thyme & veal reduction. Brilliant pasta, with a slippery, homemade feel that blends perfectly with the rustic accompaniments.

Traditional flam, topped with bacon & onion. Not quite as satisfyingly luxurious as the version at Weissbrau, but still addictive.

Tiramisu. Seemed to lack an alcoholic kick.

Almond mousse, red berries coulis & vanilla ice cream. Not too heavy, not too sweet.

Yellow Tail Merlot, New South Wales.

Lychee Mojito and Strawberry & Blueberry Martini.

Bermuda & Onion,
Changkat Bukit Bintang.