Bar Pulpo by Movida @ Melbourne Airport + Jalan Alor, Fukuya & Bones @ KLIA

November 8, 2013

Airport dining need not be dismal, thanks to eateries like the Melbourne international terminals Bar Pulpo, run by the popular MoVida Spanish restaurant group.


The menu here is similar to MoVidas, with tapas featuring as the main treat. Start with something simple but satisfying: Hand-filleted Cantabrian artisan anchovy ($4.90) on a crouton with smoked tomato sorbet.


Brilliant boned half-quail ($8.90), hot & juicy, stuffed with Jamon ham & Mahon cheese.


Aged Zamorano sheeps milk cheese ($4.90) topped with quince paste for savory-sweet contrast.

Lamb cutlet wrapped in a pate of pork & paprika, topped with green Mojo sauce ($9.90). Amazingly creamy & succulent in all the right ways. We had to borrow this picture of Bar Pulpos lamb by Chris Stevenson because we accidentally deleted ours. Thanks, Chris!

Cava & Sherry, the perfect partners for a light meal before a red-eye flight.

Unfortunately, options at our Kuala Lumpur International Airport are slightly less exciting, but theres still worthwhile fare to be enjoyed here.


Jalan Alors char kuey teow is actually fairly tasty, served steaming-hot & slick-slippery, with prawns & fishcakes but no cockles.


Duck rice, also decent, though the RM30 cost for some of these one-plate pleasures is painful.


Another possibility: Fukuya KLIA, an offshoot of the city center restaurant of the same name.


Snatch a seat by the conveyor-belt & seize some sushi; the salmon cream cheese maki is tasty, but be warned that this clocks in at RM16 per plate.


Cheese with crabstick roll topped with a heap of roe (RM11).


Tempura prawn maki, more of a stomach-stuffing choice than a sensational one.


Avocado roll; couldnt resist this. Turned out to be nicely filled with avocado.


Sake & wine are both available at Fukuya KLIA, thank heaven.


Near Fukuya, Bones is a bar with TV screens that consistently cater to sports fans.


Bones Martini is pretty potent, helping us sleep peacefully through our ensuing flight.
P.S. Seans away Nov. 7-14 in a mystery location 8,765 kilometers from KL (not Melbourne) where Maxis charges an unconscionable RM48 for 20MB of data roaming. Daily blog entries have been scheduled in advance & will be automatically posted, but apologies as comments can only be replied far later.
Bar Pulpo @ Melbourne Airport
Jalan Alor, Fukuya & Bones @ Kuala Lumpur International Airport
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