Bar Italia @ Berangan revised

June 14, 2009

Click here for previous review of Bar Italia (June 3).
We returned to sample some dishes that we missed the last time. Alas, they had already revamped their menu (!), so the gnocchi romana and the pennette bottarga have vanished.

Thyme-roasted baby goat with capsicum and potatoes. We're learning something about the dishes here. They're rarely photogenic, but they taste better than they look. Satisfyingly hearty and fuss-free cooking.

Lasagne baked with veal, lamb and forest mushroom ragout. Comfort food.

There's no formal dessert menu, but a wide range of pastries is available.

Or try the gelato, with a dozen flavours to choose from (we like the tiramisu).

No lack of booze either. Prosecco Conti Neri & Negroamaro Paiara 2006.

Bar Italia,
Jalan Berangan.
Tel: 2144-4499